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Project Result :

EOffice application is used by Ministry of Public Works Indonesia (Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat Indonesia) to enhance their internal business process. Several features are created to achieve the goal. 

1. Surat and Disposisi (Mailing & Disposition)
This feature has main function to speed up the mailing process from head of department to staff. By only just matter of a click, mail will be delivered and authorized to destination person. This speed up the business process by 90%.

2. Agenda Rapat/Kegiatan (Meeting & Activity Agenda)
Feature that will help every user at Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum to know the schedule that they assigned with. The application will periodically remind user through email. 

3. Kumpulan Publikasi (Publication Collection)
This feature help every user to archived the publication into one system. The history of publication can be searched through an advanced search form in the application.

4. Dokumen Saya (My Document / File Manager)
Hosting every file of user will be easier through file manager system that allows user to privately store their file or to share it to other user.

The application is also able to manage user profile, manage organization, manage department, manage user authorization access, manage E-Office profile, and advanced search.

Live project display is unavailable as it is only for intranet user only. For demo request, please contact us.

Project Owner :

Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat - Balai Besar Wilayah Sungai Bengawan Solo

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