Besides digital and technology services, we also manage to deliver several digital product brand to cater the needs of people in various line of business. We maintain and market the product across Indonesia and South East Asia. We thrive to deliver only world-class product to you.



Properthy provide an integrated platform for property. Properthy allow property developer and agent to advertise their property to thousands of potential buyer across Indonesia

Maimilu Simply Studio Product


Maimilu simplifies ticketing and booking process to the core. Now serving thousands of user and organizer around Indonesia and Southeast Asia

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SimplySys CRM

SimplySys CRM

SimplySys CRM combines vast features to help you manage your marketing process. Effective marketing application for any business line.

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Pilaza Simply Studio Product


Pilaza is a platform that enables our customer to post and advertise various product.

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eOFFICE Simply Studio Product


eOFFICE is an electronic office administration application that lets company operates their day-to-day business with virtual management.

simplyPanel Simply Studio Product


simplyPanel integrates easily and simplifies content management system in a simplest possible way.

eHRM Simply Studio Product


eHRM simplify human resource management with integrated features to existing company's system.

eAsset Simply Studio Product


eAsset-gov simplifies government asset management. Popularly known as SIMBADA, eAsset-gov brings more feature to enhance government productivity

eAcaSys Simply Studio Product


eAcaSys leads academic system application in Indonesia. Popularly known as SIAK or SIAKAD, eAcaSys brings new and more integrated features for any type of College and University.

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Besides our product and brand listed above, Our primary task is to help connect brands and their audiences through strategic thinking, sharp ideas and beautiful UX driven designs. We transform business process into efficient and productive system that leads into optimum productivity. More than anything, We enjoy producing great digital masterpiece for our clients using IT and technology platform


Professional Business Application Development

We lead the field in business application development across all sectors of companies and organization – putting you back in control and getting the results you want. We continuosly embrace latest technologies in everything we do to ensure optimum result.

Professional IT Training

We provide training service for individual and corporate in field of online and offline technology application. We handle wide variety of training type from design to business application training.

Professional Application
  • Web Application Development
  • iOS Mobile Application Development
  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Custom CRM Application for Corporate & Education
  • Payment Gateway & eWallet Integration
  • Reservation & Booking System
  • Marketplace & eCommerce Development
  • Point of Sales Application
  • Asset Management Application
  • Other Professional Application ( Describe your project )
Custom Application Package